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Posted by Czery Wassier Swizier on April 23, 2012 at 6:10 PM

I have been dormant in the past half year,

thanks mainly to school related work and work itself. :( Nevertheless, I managed to get a half - ***ed cover page up, which is done exquistely in microsoft paint. 

Powerpoint has become something of the past, something I don't want to think of again, especially since I  discovered the sophisticated art of Flash. I created my first game with flash just a couple of months ago and used it as the basis for my crummy cover page. It utilized basic ActionScript 3.0 to make a basic addition game. Nothing fancy, just basic coding. 

As of now, I have resumed working on flash, this time, AS2, now that I have java experience. A game is upcoming. And it's better than most of the ones I have made so far... I'm pretty excited myself.:lol:

You may be wondering why I am picking up blogging suddenly. Well, for a long time, I lost interest in managing websites. In fact, I lost interest in creativity in general. (yes, i lost my creativity) Now, I have found it.

To be honest, no one will probably read this text in a thousand years. I'm surprised Webs hasn't yet deleted my website (and In swear they will sometime...) In the meanwhile, I will make the most of my time not working to redraft my interests, hopefully for the better.  


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