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Posted by Czery Wassier Swizier on August 4, 2012 at 11:30 AM

SSDD = Same Sh*t, Different Day. 

This common saying seems to hold true for the daily mundane tasks that endure. Each day is filled with the same repetative rhythm. Wake. Eat. Work. Sleep. At first it may seem that the cycle is inescapable. But even so, you can always take small steps away and free yourself. 

QCD is comming along nicely despite periodic delays. We wrote a couple of shorts and sketches, picked the best, took a small crew to the park and filmed a short. Right now, we are currently in post production, which is jargon for video editting. I am personally in charge of special effects which really sucks since I know nothing about editting videos. Nevertheless, I managed to make a clip where the main antagonist appears to get shot. It's not very convincing but at least it looks like he gets shot.

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Enough of this lame video editting. Next up: A test on trees! Yes. How lame can you get than that. I spent 30+ hours writing a tree test. Cool right. Okay. Go on. View it now.


This powerpoint tree test will be the best tree testyou have ever seen. Even better than pink lemonade on thursday nights... Anways, this test takes the form of a slide show with funky (that's right) questions and werid games too. It's a real piece of art and I am proud of it. Here are a few snipets (if you were too lazy to click on the link above) and the answer sheet, in case you actually wanted to take the test, in case you ever studied trees...


High quality test. Highly recommend. If yhu want you can leave FEEDBACK in the comments section below! If there's enough demand I'll make a second one! hoho :D

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