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Posted by Czery Wassier Swizier on August 27, 2012 at 8:00 PM

After checking my website viewcount for 24 hours straight, I realized that NOBODY ever views my website. I told myself that this would be a wonderful excuse to post terribly inappropiate content on my page until I realized that someone (who's not myself) may at any one point actually view my site. People would start posting it on the social network, and I'd become infamous. I would be in big doo doo. 

Fortunately, even without a large audience I could still rant about the world's problems and how newspaper headlines should report real news instead about men engaging in bestality. I could rant about Snooki's new baby and how celebraties are just overated. I can rant about how corrupt the Russian government is and how our state congressmen cares more about our education than our local school board. But there's enough anger in this world right now. More importantly though,  worldly news don't really serve the purpose of this website. At least, not for now. 

A good website requires half decent and not half- @$$ed content. After glancing around my website a few times, I realized it was not very good for two reasons. First of all the content I had posted was intended to be viewed by a very specific range of people. I realized with all the tree identification exams and lame avoidal games that my website was only suitable to be viewed by primitive toddlers! No wonder I have been getting so few views! If only there was some way I could change that.... And then it hit me - comic panels!

Of course, the problem with drawing comics is that A) I've never drawn a comic before and B) I have no idea what a comic should look like. And if I did know should I draw political comics for the seniors or dumb comics for the teens. After musing to myself for  several hours I finally decided that I should not draw comics at all due to my lack of drawing capabilities.

I realized that I had to start thinking quick or my fans would get upset (not that I had any to begin with). But what to do, what to do? I decided to purchase Adobe flash in the near future...

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