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Stiched Photos

Playing around with stuff. 


A nice zoom in of the mandlebroth set. 





2012 New Year Video

A fancy stop motion with nothing much to begin with...


Re-stickering 125 stickers


Awesome music.

Cube Marathon

A solve of all my twisty puzzles in 2 minutes and 30 seconds (41 minuted 13 seconds sped up).

Thanks to Andrew and Annie

Bell Hop (Everlasting-Elements)
Angels of Destiny (ZeRo-BaSs)

XENON (animated MIDI score)


I've always been a fan of DDR and a found this awesome Midi clip (only 26k) that I decided to post. The original piece is found in DDR MAX 2(US version) or DDR MAX (JP version)

Thanks to smalin for MAM player.

Pyramix Solve

A pyraminx solves itself in a random stop motion animation.

Interesting (yet boring facts)

~made this a month, added music today
~music thanks to Envy (find him on
~NEW PYRAMINX purchased at 2010 speed cubing tournament ( I lost all events)


Return to the Past

Fooling around with the reverse plug in for my filming.
Took 5 computer crashes (need to get rid of those viruses) and one hour of editing.

Interesting Facts:
~I took over 50 shots of film
~My computer crashed 5 times during the process of editing this movie
~I broke 2 marbles making the first shot (when they fell on the floor)
~I couldn't remember why I made the video in the first place

Music by Paragonx9.


More Clouds (Time Lapse)

More Clouds - Another time lapse.

Again, lacking the time to make time consuming material, I created another simple video on clouds. Very relaxing and same taken in the same place as Clouds (Time Lapse)
Click here to view the first:

This time featuring music from Mohammad Ahmed Fikree's.
Channel here:

Interesting Facts:
~This is my sixteenth video
~The clouds were taken at a park
~45 minutes of raw video was taken only 38 minutes were used
~the first two clipds are x4 speed, one times less than Clouds (the first)
~These clouds are cummulus clouds that are often the ones you see in movies/animation
~I like clouds

5 Dimentional 4 by 4 by 4 by 4 by 4 Cube Solve

A 4^5 Cube solve (5th dimention).

By the Computer.

Only 3 people in the entire world so far, known to solve the 4^5 cube:
Noel Chalmers
Douglas Winship
Craig Durward

EDIT: Yes, I know I spelled "dimensional" wrong.


Trailer of Find Me
By CWS Studios

Game made with powerpoint only
Music : Rain and Logic (C0lgateSandw1ch)

Clouds (Time Lapse)

Drifting Clouds in the air.


Interesting Facts
~This video took me 4 months to finish.
~ 1 day of planning, 98 days of looking for good weather, 2 days worth of movie making and 30 days of waiting for the computer to stop crashing
~Music is Cirrus by Hugh & Saturation
~Made with Studios10 (VERY LAGGY) often causes computer to crash
~same net from coin vs eastsheen
~both clips fast foward 500 times (5x really)

DTTL Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of Don't Touch the Lines - The original.

This game was made by me using powerpoint (!)
This game can be found at

EDIT: The game link is no longer available - instead, go to

Speedi Solve

Another testing for animation.

Random Facts:
~This video was actually completed a few months ago. Why I didn't post it back then, I still don't know
~There are only 495 frames I took
~ It took me about 50 min to take the entire video - that's one frame every ten seconds
~My hand interceps the image unintentionally over 30 times(bad)
~My first animation of me solving a rubik's cube

For speed cubers

~Notice on my second F2L, I went back a move after I made it
~ I knew the OLL but didn't reconize it at the time, so I used the 4 look method instead
~I guess its harder to reconize things while filming a cube
~I can solve a cube in avg. 40 sec.

coin vs eastsheen

running out if ideas...
part one, that is...

EDIT: Hope matt wong isn't being trolls again. (lol)

Patterns v2

A animation on the construction of patterns on the 5 by 5 v cube. Lighting is abit poor and music is much better than the lighting. This is the second version of patterns.


Animation test. Though the cube is not that good, the music is.

With thanks to Annie S. for lending her cube temporarily to me.

5d rubik's cube solve

A solve of 3 by 3 by 3 by 3 by 3 or 5 dimensional rubik's cube. (by the computer, of coarse)

EDIT: Of coarse I know how to spell "course".