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Posted by Czery Wassier Swizier on September 15, 2012 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I have to admit, this HTML editor is simply terrible. I abhor it. It's so messy. It uses improper spacing and reading it is simply a pain. I really want webs to make a better editor. At least, one that formats nicely.

Please bear with me as I cannot possibly improve the formatting of this text. Also excuse my poor HTML scripting.

For a long time, I have been studying, doing stupid things in general and usually fooling around. I am still doing that. Now that I am entering the busier years studying I find it progressively difficult to maintain my other hobbies, which include making entertainment content such as this blog you are reading.

If you asked me why I am writing a blog I would have to say I am not entirely sure. Maybe one day, I'll have somebody stumble across and read this trash. For the most part, people just leave after they see my home page. I honestly don't even know why they come here in the first place.

As of now, QCD is doing quite well in terms of bureaucratic order. We have deadlines set and basic guidelines to progress forwards. It's a little stressful since I now found out that we have competition. I find that irritating, like a monkey on my back. Even though I wouldn't consider them to be direct competitors we still have a major conflict in resources. To be specific, PEOPLE resources. Yes. We don't share a common audience but we do share a demand for skilled people. Techy people. It's a big mess and we're in the middle of it. Who knew starting a business could be so stressful.

I'm going to shut up now and actually start working. :P

Anyone there?

Posted by Czery Wassier Swizier on August 27, 2012 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

After checking my website viewcount for 24 hours straight, I realized that NOBODY ever views my website. I told myself that this would be a wonderful excuse to post terribly inappropiate content on my page until I realized that someone (who's not myself) may at any one point actually view my site. People would start posting it on the social network, and I'd become infamous. I would be in big doo doo. 

Fortunately, even without a large audience I could still rant about the world's problems and how newspaper headlines should report real news instead about men engaging in bestality. I could rant about Snooki's new baby and how celebraties are just overated. I can rant about how corrupt the Russian government is and how our state congressmen cares more about our education than our local school board. But there's enough anger in this world right now. More importantly though,  worldly news don't really serve the purpose of this website. At least, not for now. 

A good website requires half decent and not half- @$$ed content. After glancing around my website a few times, I realized it was not very good for two reasons. First of all the content I had posted was intended to be viewed by a very specific range of people. I realized with all the tree identification exams and lame avoidal games that my website was only suitable to be viewed by primitive toddlers! No wonder I have been getting so few views! If only there was some way I could change that.... And then it hit me - comic panels!

Of course, the problem with drawing comics is that A) I've never drawn a comic before and B) I have no idea what a comic should look like. And if I did know should I draw political comics for the seniors or dumb comics for the teens. After musing to myself for  several hours I finally decided that I should not draw comics at all due to my lack of drawing capabilities.

I realized that I had to start thinking quick or my fans would get upset (not that I had any to begin with). But what to do, what to do? I decided to purchase Adobe flash in the near future...


Posted by Czery Wassier Swizier on August 4, 2012 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

SSDD = Same Sh*t, Different Day. 

This common saying seems to hold true for the daily mundane tasks that endure. Each day is filled with the same repetative rhythm. Wake. Eat. Work. Sleep. At first it may seem that the cycle is inescapable. But even so, you can always take small steps away and free yourself. 

QCD is comming along nicely despite periodic delays. We wrote a couple of shorts and sketches, picked the best, took a small crew to the park and filmed a short. Right now, we are currently in post production, which is jargon for video editting. I am personally in charge of special effects which really sucks since I know nothing about editting videos. Nevertheless, I managed to make a clip where the main antagonist appears to get shot. It's not very convincing but at least it looks like he gets shot.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Enough of this lame video editting. Next up: A test on trees! Yes. How lame can you get than that. I spent 30+ hours writing a tree test. Cool right. Okay. Go on. View it now.


This powerpoint tree test will be the best tree testyou have ever seen. Even better than pink lemonade on thursday nights... Anways, this test takes the form of a slide show with funky (that's right) questions and werid games too. It's a real piece of art and I am proud of it. Here are a few snipets (if you were too lazy to click on the link above) and the answer sheet, in case you actually wanted to take the test, in case you ever studied trees...


High quality test. Highly recommend. If yhu want you can leave FEEDBACK in the comments section below! If there's enough demand I'll make a second one! hoho :D

Webspace, Blogs and New Collabs

Posted by Czery Wassier Swizier on May 12, 2012 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Webs. Is a evil web provider. 


Page limit has decreased. Image space - gone. Basically means no more fancy uploads or website redesign. I only have this blog and it's not even half as good KJCHU blog which made entirely from scratch. (I have to admit, his blog cooler than most blogs I've seen)
If you haven't seen his website you should definetly check his out! Great graphics, great style, even customated animation! Very pro. And to think he wrote it all in HTML (CSS, java, PHP, etc). (and it took him long enough) He also bought his domain, which is obviously better than mine. 

Go ahead, click on it! Just don't troll the comments. :D

Meanwhile, I began working on several collab projects with QCD. We have all original music, videos, game and load stuff! More information coming!

As for my blog, I'll probably be blinking on every week or so since it's the last thing Webs hasn't demolished. I may move the server soon.


Posted by Czery Wassier Swizier on April 23, 2012 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I have been dormant in the past half year,

thanks mainly to school related work and work itself. :( Nevertheless, I managed to get a half - ***ed cover page up, which is done exquistely in microsoft paint. 

Powerpoint has become something of the past, something I don't want to think of again, especially since I  discovered the sophisticated art of Flash. I created my first game with flash just a couple of months ago and used it as the basis for my crummy cover page. It utilized basic ActionScript 3.0 to make a basic addition game. Nothing fancy, just basic coding. 

As of now, I have resumed working on flash, this time, AS2, now that I have java experience. A game is upcoming. And it's better than most of the ones I have made so far... I'm pretty excited myself.:lol:

You may be wondering why I am picking up blogging suddenly. Well, for a long time, I lost interest in managing websites. In fact, I lost interest in creativity in general. (yes, i lost my creativity) Now, I have found it.

To be honest, no one will probably read this text in a thousand years. I'm surprised Webs hasn't yet deleted my website (and In swear they will sometime...) In the meanwhile, I will make the most of my time not working to redraft my interests, hopefully for the better.